Sunday, 6 September 2015


There are two shops on the fourth floor of Platinum Mall that does a roaring trade in male underwear - Aegis Man in Zone 1 and Lucky Underwear in Zone 2. One of them is near the escalator and the other resides only a couple of stores away. They are actually very good value for money as they are comfortable, durable and last a long time. 
You'll find imitations of every international brand at these two places. Each pair costs 100 baht and they'll throw in one FOC if you buy 10. Choose the one you like from the hangers and show it to the staff. They will take one from elsewhere for you. Do not remove the one meant for display on the hanger. I did it unknowingly and saw a very grumpy Thai. 

What makes them fun to visit are the kinky ones on offer. There are some that'll test your imagination and make you wonder how they should (or could) be possibly worn. These two are already considered conservative by their standards:
When I was there, I overhead two ladies debating whether some were for meant for ladies or men. Which was understandable because they were holding mere slips of lace in every pastel colour available. 

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