Sunday, 6 September 2015


Don't ask me what happened to the first two swines but Bom and I went to this new restaurant called The Third Pig. We were suitably impressed with the interior shots that we saw from their Facebook and decided we just have to see it with our very own eyes that mesmerise. Unfortunately, it turned out to be true. Unfortunately because it is one of those restaurants that looks nicer than it tastes. 

Maybe because it's fusion Thai (and that itself should be a siren for me as I label fusion food as neither-here-nor-there grub). Maybe because they are still terribly new. Maybe it's Maybelline and we're born with it. But the huge prawn on our som tum has decidedly turned bad and the other two appetisers we ordered merely pass muster. Which is kinda disappointing because the space itself is a selfie/wefie wet dream. We didn't sample their impressive bar cocktails though.
Because my Samsung S4 takes such horrible pictures, I have stolen some of the interior shots online to share. 

Pages of the simple menu (no food pictures for references):

Directions: Take the MRT train to Chatuchak Park MRT station, exit opposite the Chatuchak Park, walk straight along Phahon Yothin Road towards the TMB Bank Building. It is just after this building. 

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