Sunday, 13 September 2015


Khua Kling Pak Sod is a hole-in-the-wall restaurant with about 10 small seatings. I would have assumed it's a clinic if I walk by, judging from it's very plain exterior and it's name  written only in Thai. The facade is so non-descript the three Thais in our group of four actually walked right past it. 
For the Thais who hail from the south, this restaurant is one of the few places in Bangkok that satisfy their cravings for genuine Southern Thai cuisine, which means it can really be as hot as it gets.
For such a small restaurant, I am happily impressed that they pay for hard cover menus, professional food photography and a nice page layout.
The space is very simply done up and the owner seems to adore the works of Gustav Klimt cos there are a few reproductions (I assume) on the white bare walls. 
As the menu given was in Thai, I happily let my Thai friends decide. Do have a go at the famous southern dish Gaeng Leaung, a yellow and pungent curry with fish and young coconut shoots (a first for me and great to eat). The curry may be watery but it's super soury-spicy so taste with care. 
The pig trotters that arrived covered with six halved eggs is also a must-try and for crab lovers like me, what's there not to like about chunky morsels stir-fried with basil leaves?! 
Hmm, I forgot what is this dish below (does it look like chicken or pork to you?) but for the greens, Jay told me it is a type of vegetable grown in the south. It's like eating kangkong stems, broader and flater. 
The portions were pretty substantial so for dessert, we opted for a small bowl of chin chow. Nothing unusual there.  
We ate everything before we realised we should have taken a shot with the dishes untouched. Anyway, here's Bom and two new friends Bon and Jay. 
For our very good lunch, we paid 380 baht each. Khua Kling Pad Sod is located at Paholyothin Soi 8, which is walking distance from Ari BTS station.

The original branch is at Thonglor Soi 5 at Sukhumvit. It also looks very non-descript from the outside, like someone's house:

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