Wednesday, 16 September 2015


Mel and I were searching for something light to have for lunch as we had a heavy breakfast at the Grand Hyatt Erawan merely two hours ago. Mel was staying there and I was his invited +1 every morning during his stay. They have such a lovely spread every morning.
We decided Shabu Shabu would be a good bet. We would just sip some soup and maybe nibble at the pretty heads of some exotic Japanese mushrooms. I was also happy to eat something non-Thai as I was already past two thirds in my one-month stay at Bangkok. Pad Thai was beginning to come out of my ears!
Because it was only noon, Shabushi was very empty. We were quickly ushered into our seats and given our choice of soup for our individual pots, which remained heated throughout our visit. There are booths for four to six people. As there were only two of us, we sat by the conveyor belt 
It turns out that it was buffet style and all-you-can-eat for only 300 baht. I resolved there and then I would skip tea, dinner and supper, loosened my belt and quickly grabbed many plates from the conveyor belt like there's no tomorrow, even when I could hear Mel's eyeballs rolling about in disgust. I also made repeated  visits to the cooked food station (there was Japanese fried rice!) as well as the dessert section. And oh, I forgot to mention there's a help-yourself drink vending machine and an oink-all-you-want  ice-cream freezer. 
Suffice to say, I rolled out of Shabushi. I also had tea, dinner and supper. What are promises to oneself if they are not meant to be broken?!

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