Friday, 18 September 2015


Two years ago, I underwent a procedure called NeckTite at a Bangkok clinic to remove one of my chins. You see, I had a double chin and I love to declutter. I also knew then it's about time I did something  about  the dreaded situation when I found myself feeling terribly self-conscious whenever I lowered my head to read something, especially menus at restaurants. When having my shots taken, I resorted to craning my bull neck forward and upward to hide that beastly pocket of fat below my chin. Yes, not a pretty picture. 

So I was very happy when I shared my situation with my good doctor and she replied very excitedly that they had just bought a new machine that does NeckTite:

This was me immediately after the procedure. I was under 'twilight sedation' and woke up about three hours later to find a huge 'sanitary pad' wrapped around my neck. 
In the above pic, you can see some bruising on my neck (they go off after a week) and the two tiny stitched holes on the left and right sides of my chin where the needle had gone in to extract the fats. 

Two years later, my chin is still happily single. But (why is there always a but?) my jawline is still not as taut as I wished it to be and the skin underneath my chin is a little uneven and lumpy. However (and this is a good however), these imperfections are not really obvious unless, for some reason or other, I am being scrutinised. I should be so lucky.

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