Friday, 4 September 2015


I first heard of BNH hospital when I asked a Thai friend where he did his nose job. So the name kinda stuck with me. Fast forward to a few years later and I found myself walking past it when I was walking to Secret Garden for dinner and had to walk past Convent Road, which is the connecting road between Silom Road and Sathorn Road. 

So I dropped in after dinner to look see look see and I was very impressed with the way they did up the lobby. So very spacious and tastefully renovated. I was hovering at the Beauty Centre near the entrance when a very pretty staff came up to ask if she could render any assistance. Since I intended to do my annual health check in Bangkok, I asked her about the price. 

There are four programmes you can choose from. The basic last 2 hours and costs 4,900 Baht. The Ultimate lasts 3 hours and costs 8,900 Baht. The Exclusive lasts 4-5 hours and costs 16,900 Baht for men and 17,900 Baht for women. The Luxury requires 5-6 hours and costs 26,500 Baht for men and 27,500 Baht for women. 

The beauty centre was closed by then but there was a promo banner outside. 1,500 Baht per session of IPL or Scion laser sounds pretty good. 

POST NOTE: BNH's packages were only slightly cheaper than Bumrungrad Hospital, the other top-notch hospital that one visits with deep pockets. I asked Sheau who had stayed and worked in Bangkok for three years and she told me she had hers done at St Louis Hospital. In her opinion, it is a good, no-frills private hospital that has a good international customer service desk and is about 30 per cent cheaper than the likes of BNH. Their nurses still wear those cute little starched head pieces! She even divulged that their canteen food is very cheap and good!

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