Sunday, 6 September 2015


I have to confess that this was actually my first time at any floating market in Bangkok, despite having made some 40 trips. I had this impression I have to wake up really early (mission impossible) and take a really long and fitful trip out of Bangkok. 

Well, Bom took pity of me and said he would take me to this Taling Chan Floating Market, which he said is much less touristy and cramped than the others such as Damoen Saduak and Amphora. This is music to my ears as I abhor crowds and feel everyone is undressing me with their eyes (did I mention I am delusional?). We took a cab from downtown (be prepared to pay about 200 baht; if you feel like having a Lara Croft adventure, you can also take the BTS to Wongwian Yai station and then hop into a cab).
I think part of the joy of Taling Chan Floating Market is the lane leading to it. It is lined with all kinds of tempting food stalls, nic nacs, local produce and pretty plants. I had my first taste of corn milk (yummy) and some Thai dessert Bom insisted I try (heaven). 

There was live traditional music being played at the entrance and as you enter, you see wooden boats moored neatly alongside a floating platform, displaying huge prawns, large fish and blue crabs for you to order. You sit with the other Thai customers on (very) low tables and stools and add other orders of Pad Thai, Som Tum and yummies from as many stalls as you like. 
If you still haven't exorcised the Lara Croft out of you, you can opt for a ride on one of the longtail boats for a quick tour of the canals (Klongs) in the area, where you'll see temples and get a peek of how people live by the water. 

NOTE: The opening hours are 8am to 5pm. It is open only on Saturday and Sunday. 

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