Tuesday, 15 September 2015


I was searching for the entrance of Dao Coffee at Siam Square One to go in and I had to retract my sassy walk by a few steps (you didn't see me walk so you can't proof it's not sassy). It's a wee little gap in the wall which I missed completely. Why so discreet? Is it Thai feng shui? It boggles my non-working mind.
Don't you think it looks like the Business Class lounge of any airline in any airport? I think the seating is not meant to encourage any hearty conversation. It's more for those leave-me-alone types who luxuriate in their own beings and probably feel they are a cut above the plebs. 
They have their packs of coffee on sale, posing very unapologetically at the racks on the sides. Hmm, not so classy after all. 
The pricing of their brews is pretty standard - around 100 baht each.
Do you see the row of seats facing the window? How anti-social is that? It just confirms my suspicion that it's a Dao showpiece targeted at loners and people who don't really wanna hang out with others. I left asap after doing my click clicks because I feel it is just sterile, calculated and cold. Nobody even lifted up their heads, so engrossed in their own worlds they were.
And then there is MORI. From the outside it looks warm and cosy, a place you can chill with your besties and yak about inconsequential stuff.
On closer inspection, I don't care much for the design of their chairs and tables. For some inexplicable reason, I just can't with the recent trend of wafer-thin tables. Or cinema-looking seats.
But still, given a choice, I'll settle for MORI over Dao Coffee. Cold bitches just leave me cold. 

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