Thursday, 10 September 2015


I was running for my life (LATE!) through Groove to Central World to meet Suwie for dinner when an American grizzly bear stopped me in my tracks. Thank goodness it's safely inside a glass display case and 100 per cent fake.
Once I checked I didn't wet myself, I observed that S'Mores Hunting Lodge is one of the more unusual thematic restaurants within the two-storey Groove, a year-old F&B extension of Central World mall (accessible via either Chitlom or Siam BTS station; it's in the middle of both stations which are connected by a sky bridge). 
Celebrating the wonders of hiking and hunting, the restaurant has wooden stools and tables reminiscent of the national parks of USA. A quick glimpse at the menu reveals steak, seafood, pasta and pizza categories, with appetisers such as buffalo wings, baked spinach and cheese, crispy parmesan calamari, German pork leg and crab cakes. 
However, and this is a big HOWEVER, I came across quite a few bad reviews from TripAdvisor. Just the headings of the feedback are enough to give you an idea:
Well, I never! I am certainly not about to test if these reviews are true anytime soon. Some of them are as recent as July this year. Me thinks better let them get their act together for a couple of months before I visit and share what I feel about them then. Am I right or am I right?

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