Saturday, 19 September 2015


I went to Asiatique once and I think the most exciting thing about it was the boat ride there, even though it was standing room only. The place felt kinda souless to me and it was a bit of a let down, to be really honest abut it. It doesn't have the usual authentic Thai vibe deserving of a WOW! and for a huge place, the choices of restaurants were surprisingly few. 
My girlfriends and I ended up choosing Happy Fish, which faces the river front and is literally under the huge and brightly illuminated Asiatique sign. From the outside, and looking at its logo, you would think it's a family restaurant so I was pleasantly taken aback when I stepped in and discovered some kind of industrial loft chic. The space is sprawling, with a generous bar and a decent live band performing on a huge stage.
The menu is "international", with Hawaiian pizza, German pork knuckle, Italian pasta, the good ol' fish and chips and some Thai fusion creations. Prices range from 280 baht to 580 baht in general. Beer lovers can rejoice in their multi-brand selection.
Our disappointment with Asiatique might have affected our appetites. We only ordered some finger food to pick on. I recall the grub being pretty average. 

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