Sunday, 30 August 2015


I feel I should start the first article of this fantabulous blog (I can feel it in my Calcium-deficit bones it’s gonna be great) with something resembling what the cow left behind. After all, if one has hit sh*t bottom, the only way left has gotta be up i.e my readers will increase from hence. Let the universe work its mysterious ways, I say!

Okay, where was I? Yes, I have to warn you I may ramble a bit and wander off side streets (surely a must in Bangkok?!) while posting and YES, I’m back to ask: Would you look at these sausages?! 

I was on my way back to the apartment I rented for a month when I saw some new stalls at the MRT link and spotted this! I asked my Thai friend and learnt that it’s called Sai Aou (I wonder if their “sai” meant our “sai”). They are Northern Thai style pork (หมู mǔusausages made with herbs and then grilled.  

The lady who sold them must have seen my eyes bulged (maybe she thought it was with desire) and she pushed the sample plate towards me but I just cant. The nasty image was forever imprinted onto my mind.

The next day, as I walked past the same stall, I observed it was arranged differently. But to me, it wasnt "same, same but different". It was most absolutely same, same and still the same!

Do try it and let me know how it tastes, ya?

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